Perform Maintenance Cleaning on a Desktop, Notebook or Laptop Computer

  1. Clean the case interior. The tools needed to clean the case interior are a can of compressed air, cotton swabs and a pair of tweezers. Take care to avoid contact with components, cables and wires as much as possible during the cleaning process. Always maintain a distance of 4 inches (10 cm) between a can of compressed air and any computer components inside the computer case.

    • Remove any large particles or dust balls using a pair of tweezers. Avoid direct contact with components, cables and wires as much as possible.
    • Use a can of compressed air to blow out small particles from around each component inside the case. Be sure to maintain the recommended distance of 4 inches (10 cm) between the nozzle of the can and any part of the computer.
    • Blow out any dust or debris that collected around each fan installed, including the case fans, the power supply fan and the CPU fan. The CPU fan will typically be mounted on a heat-sink that sits on top of the CPU, often located on or near the middle of the computer’s motherboard. Refer to the operating instructions that came with your computer for a detailed diagram of the location of the CPU fan.
    • Hold a cotton swab between the fan blades to prevent the fan from moving while using the compressed air. Once each of the fans and components have been thoroughly cleaned, use the compressed air to clean out the layer of dust and debris that accumulates along the bottom of the tower during the cleaning process.
    • Replace the case panel door.
  2. B_clean save interior

    Clean the exterior case of a laptop or notebook computer. Use compressed air to blow out any dust that has collected on or around the case panel or door and any of the ports located on the exterior of the case before.

    • Use a cotton swab, lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol, to remove any dirt or grime that has collected around the seams and spaces on the exterior of the case.B_clean save exterior

    3. Clean a desktop computer keyboard.

    • Unplug the keyboard, flip it over in your hands, and shake it gently up-and-down and from side-to-side. Turn the keyboard right-side-up and use the compressed air to dislodge any particles remaining between the keyboard keys.
     B_clean keyboard

    4.Clean a computer mouse.

    • Disconnect the mouse and clean the exterior using a paper towel, soaked lightly in rubbing alcohol.
    • Use a can of compressed air to blow out particles and debris from around the seams, edges, and spaces on the outside of the device.
      B_clean mouse

    5.Clean a computer monitor.

    • Use a microfiber cloth towel, lightly dampened with plain water, to wipe dirt, dust and finger prints from the computer screen. Microfiber cloth towels can be purchased at any electronics or computer retailer.
     B_clean laptop

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