What Is HDMI Switch?


HDMI switch function is to allow multiple HDMI cable connected to a device that has a limited number of HDMI inputs. For example, if you have a high definition television with an HDMI input on the back, and you have a Playstation 3, HD cable box and a Blu-Ray players, you are faced with the dilemma of too many HDMI cable and only one port on the TV. To resolve the problem, use the HDMI switch.

There are many types of HDMI switches available. The most popular model features HDMI switching and 5X1 3×1 HDMI switching. With this device, it allows for three or five HDMI components, respectively, to be connected through a output.It always a good idea to think ahead and plan for the future. If you have three HDMI components now, you more than likely will have more in the future. Always make sure you have a mind.If expandability in surround stereo does not have an HDMI input, there are HDMI switches available which have a Toslink routing capabilities. This allows you to integrate your digital optical equipment in line with your HDMI video source.Additionally, 4×2 HDMI Cross switch is available if you need to separate your signal between two exposure or for HD picture-in-picture from two sources.

HDMI technology and high-definition entertainment is improving rapidly. HDMI switching allows end users to enjoy advanced technology while keeping costs low and increase their potential for future entertainment.

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