5 Important Warning Signs Your Computer Overheat!

5 Important Warning Signs Your Computer Overheat!


1. Too Hot For Your Lap


It is not a good sign if you feel that your laptop is too hot when you placed it on your lap. This is because your laptop is not ventilated well. For your safety, put your computer in a location where it can properly ventilate. Never ever place your computer on the surface such as on a mattress where it cannot get rid of the heat.


2. Fans Running Fast And Making Noise


If you feel that your computer are running fast and making a lot of noise, it means that they were struggling to keep its insides cool. To prevent this from happen, you can check with your supplier for advice on how to keep unwanted dust out of your computer to ensure that your fans are able to operate effectively.


3. Struggling To Perform Basic Tasks


Another important warning is when you realize that the Programs on your computer were just not running as smoothly as they normally did, everything took longer to open.


4. Pixelated Lines Across Your Screen

Pixelated Line

Overheat can cause pixelated lines appear on your screen. Make sure your graphics card is getting enough ventilation, and isn’t overworked.

5. Crashing And Powering Off


The worst situation is overheat can crashed your hard drive. If you’re lucky, and your hard drive hasn’t completely failed, leave your computer turned off for a while, until it completely cools down. Then start up and find the cause for the overheating.


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