T162 USB3.1 FLASH DRIVE 360° Rotating

360° Rotating

USB 3.1 Gen1 (USB 3.0) high speed transfer

T162 is using USB 3.1 Gen1 (USB 3.0) transfer interface, which is the new generation of USB specification. Apart from the same easy-to-use USB technology of the last generation and features of plug and play, the performance is enhanced 10 times better and power management is also improved. With ultra large 128GB capacity, T162 can store up to 3200 photos (12MP) and 480 minutes of video (1080P, 30fps). It can satisfy the needs of high-speed transfer and multimedia file storage and makes file sharing easier than ever before.

Ergonomic grip ring

The product design of T162 has combined the concepts of “handheld convenience” and “ergonomics”. It is the first USB drive designed with an ergonomic grip ring. With a little bit of artistic twist and practical functions, It not only is an elegant, compact, easy-to-carry key ring but also allows users to plug and pull easily.


360 degrees, rotating and 4-way positioning design

The T162 ergonomic grip ring also has a 360 degrees, rotating, and 4-way positioning structural design. It allows users to rotate the ring according to their actual usage space, so other equipment or devices won’t interfere. The rotating ring also allows T162 to be easily stored inside the pocket, adding convenience to storing, and works like a charm. In addition to the space saving and easy to use features, yet it offers you to store important data and precious memory at any time and anywhere.


All-around protection in waterproof and dust-proof

Apart from the artistic and fashionable look, T162 is using COB (Chip On Board) assembly process to offer waterproof and dust-proof. It avoids data corruption or data loss which caused by external forces during the operation. It provides all-around protection for every moment of your precious memory.

Thoughtful strap hole design makes it Easy to carry and store

T162 is conveniently designed with a strap hole which is easy for users to carry around. The fashion strap can be turning into a fashion accessory and match with your desired personal items. By hanging it on your personal items, you can store precious memories at any time.




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