Acer VL7 Ultra HD Series Projector

Acer VL7 Ultra HD Series Projector

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Big Screen Brilliance

Kick back and unwind with a cinema-like experience in the privacy of your own home.

Lose Yourself in the Fantasy

Reward yourself with technology that produces exciting, awe inspiring images that draw you in.

Lifelike Images

Enjoy more realistic images through an expanded contrast ratio and color palette with HDR and compatibility.

Cinematic Vibrancy

Achieve true-to-life color accuracy through the Rec. 709 color standard and Rec. 2020 compatibility.

High-Speed Excitement

Get a detailed view of fast moving objects as they zip across the screen with the help of Acer’s AcuMotion technology.

Optimize Your Viewing Experience

Get the most out of your projector’s images with professional calibration from an ISF-qualified technician.

All for 4K

See more, do more, and enjoy beyond measure with a 4K UHD image.

Explosive Colors

Enjoy life-like colors and never have to worry about lamp burn-out or disposal with the laser diode light source.

Up Close and Personal

Maximize your space with a zoom ratio that’s ideal for mid-sized rooms.

Connect with Wireless

Break free from the clutter of wires with the easy wireless projection option.



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