Apacer x P714 AC233 Portable Hard Drive

Apacer x P714 AC233 Portable Hard Drive





a] Always Keeping You Company with Childlike Illustrations

Apacer’s recent collaboration with P714 results an adorable portable hard drive that is all about friendship and encouragement. Through the warming illustrations, everyone can find their pure heart on the Planet of Dreams.

b] Streamline Curve Design

The pure white base color and the streamline body make the childlike illustrations more prominent. With 1TB capacity, AC233 can keep a complete record of your precious moments.

c] High Speed Transmission

AC233 is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface. Also compatible with USB 2.0, the AC233 comes with 2 LED indicator colors to separately show the transmission of USB 3.1 Gen1 and USB 2.0.

d] Smart Power Management to Extend Product Life

AC233 has a built-in smart power management feature that will automatically switch to power-saving mode if data transmission stops for 10 minutes or more.

Sources: https://consumer.apacer.com/eng/content.php?sn=1351

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