Toshiba T-Screen

Toshiba T-Screen

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With professional image engine and dedicated software, this multimedia interactive LED screen integrates whiteboard and DTV, especially designed for conferences, exhibitions and advertisements, etc.


Product Details

1. LED Backlight Screen

  • High performance screen: resistant to wind, water, high temperature and jitter
  • Produces better image quality and vivid colours as compared to conventional projectors
  • Enchances overall company image


2. Built-in PC

  • Presentations can be saved in PC in advance allowing speedy and convenient operations
  • Direct on-screen modification and storage with e-mail and print support


3. Multi Touch

  • Support simultaneous operations, good for schools and meeting rooms
  • Easy page flipping, marking and saving simply by finger tips


4. Open Smart Platform

  • Expand functions in various areas with different softwares, for example advertisement machine with autoplay software, and video conferencing equipment with camera, mic and conference system etc.


5. Compatibility with Multi Mobile Devices

  • Compatible with Windows, IOS and Android


6. Versatility

  • Investment and cost reduction
  • Space saving




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