Numeric keypad

Numeric keypad

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Alternatively referred to as the 10-keynumber padnumeric keyboardnumpad, or ten key, the numeric keypad is a 17-key keypad usually found on the far right side of a standard PC keyboard. A numeric keypad may also be a separate device that can connect to a computer. To enable and disable the numeric keypad, press the num lock key.

Where is the numeric keypad?

Below is a visual example of the Saitek keyboard and where the keypadis located on almost every computer keyboard.

A numeric keypad may also be a separate device, not built into a keyboard. Numeric keypads usually connect to a computer with a USB cable, but older keypads may use a serial connector instead of USB. Some separate numeric keypads have a single-line LCD screen, like a calculator and the Kensington keypad to the right.

What is 10-key experience?

10-key experience is anyone who is proficient at using the numeric keypad or calculator to perform math problems such as adding the prices of several numbers quickly. By being proficient, this means you know how to place your hand on the 10-key and can enter numbers quickly and without having to look down at the keypad.

What is the keypad home row?

The home row for the numeric keypad is 4, 5, 6, and Enter. Your index finger on your right hand should be on the number 4, middle on the 5, ring finger on the 6, and your pinky resting on the Enter key.

TipThere is usually a small bump on the five key to help position your right hand without looking.

Why do keyboards need a numeric keypad?

The numeric keypad makes it much easier and faster to type numbers and perform calculations on a computer than trying to use the numbers at the top of the keyboard. For example, someone could type “486+123” and press Enter with one hand (the right hand) quickly. Without the numeric keypad, the person would have to use both hands and most likely look down at the keyboard.

Numeric keypad overview

The U.S. numeric keypad contains the below 17 keys (going from top left to bottom right). Below is a listing of each of these 17 keys with links to pages with additional information about each key.

NoteApple keyboards do not have a num lock key and therefore only has numbers on the numeric keypad.

  • Num Lock.
  • Forward slash (divide).
  • Asterisk (star or times).
  • Hyphen (dash or minus).
  • Numeric 7, also used as the home key.
  • Numeric 8, also used as the up arrow key.
  • Numeric 9, also used as the page up key.
  • Plus (add).
  • Numeric 4, also used as the left arrow key.
  • Numeric 5.
  • Numeric 6, also used as the right arrow key.
  • Numeric 1, also used as the end key.
  • Numeric 2, also used as the down arrow key.
  • Numeric 3, also used as the page down key.
  • Enter key.
  • numeric 0 key, also used as an insert key.
  • period, also used as a delete key.

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