ASPIRE XC 830(Desktop)

ASPIRE XC 830 (Desktop)


Design :

Size Matters

A compact 8 liter chassis is the ideal size for fitting under or on top of a desk.


Sleek Functional Cover

The classic cover and uniquely ridged edges ensure you work and play in style.


The Power of Sound

Listen to voices and special effects with increased clarity with HD 5.1 Surround Sound.




Processing Done Right

A choice of processors provides the power to move through tasks as they arise.



NVIDIA® GeForce® GT Series

NVIDIA® GeForce® GT series graphics cards are the perfect choice for fast web browsing, movie-playing and design.


Look No Wires

Enjoy up to 3 times faster wireless performance than before.


Store More

Store more of your favorite media and programs with multiple HDD and SSD options.



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