AH651 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Fingerprint Flash Drive

AH651 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Fingerprint Flash Drive

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360° All-angle Fingerprint Recognition

Only the authorized fingerprint owner can access AH651, thanks to its adoption of the latest capacitive sensing fingerprint recognition technology. The 360° all-angle reading can detect finger-press from any direction with precision to unlock quickly.

Dual Unlocking Options: Fingerprint Recognition and Password

In addition to fingerprint access, AH651 is further equipped with a password login function. Users may conveniently choose the appropriate access method depending on situation.

Exclusive Fingerprint Management Software

Apacer’s exclusive software has a registry that allows up to ten fingerprints: two for administrators, and eight for regular users. The clear divide ensures better control and safety.

Dual Storage Partition, Enhance Your Data Security

The memory space is divided into 2 parts. The public partition can be used to keep less sensitive data, directly accessed like any regular USB flash drive. The secure partition offers encrypted safety, accessible only by fingerprint recognition or password.

Allocable Partition Size

Depending on needs, the administrators can allocate different memory storage size to each partition.


Source: https://consumer.apacer.com/eng/content.php?sn=1577


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